Intoduction by David Collins
Oct 02, 2020 7:00 AM
Michael Kurht, Superintendent of Wichita Falls ISD
Intoduction by David Collins

Superintendent Mike Kuhrt describes himself on his Twitter profile this way: “Christ follower, dad of daughters, Wichita Falls ISD superintendent, outdoorsman and fascinated with learning and learners!”

He tweets about cutting-edge education strategies @Kuhrteous and gives kudos to WFISD teams and achievers wherever he observes them.

Five years at WFISD Superintendent Post

Michael Kuhrt became the superintendent for the Wichita Falls ISD five years ago on August 20, 2015 in a unanimous 6-0 vote by the WFISD school board.

Mr. Kuhrt was already a familiar face around the District at that point. He had arrived in Wichita Falls one year earlier, in August 2014, to serve as associate superintendent. But within one year, he was named interim superintendent after the announced departure of then-Superintendent Dr. John Frossard.

WFISD’s board president at that time, Trey Sralla, joked that Mr. Kuhrt’s first year in the District turned out to be a “baptism by fire,” since board members were able to observe his leadership style while he served under Dr. Frossard, then as he took the reins as interim superintendent.

“Baptism by flood,” corrected Mr. Kuhrt. He alluded to the May deluge of rain that mercifully ended the city’s four-year drought but caused flooding in Wichita Falls that threatened one of the District’s campuses.

Successful Bond Project in 2015

Under Mr. Kuhrt’s leadership, WFISD successfully passed a $59.5 million bond on May 9, 2015. The Wichita Falls community gave a resounding “Yes!” to the District’s plan to build a Career Education Center to house 26 career-oriented programs. The CEC opened on time and under budget in 2017. The new $35 million, 123,000 square foot building located on Hatton Road offers 26 career programs, providing students in each program practical career training with state-of-the-art equipment.

This was the District’s first new high school facility in 50 years. Administrators thought it would take five years to reach the student enrollment that the CEC enjoyed during its first year of operation.

The Strength of Wichita Falls

After getting to know the Wichita Falls community, Mr. Kuhrt said it was easy to see where Wichita Falls shines. “We have a ton of parent and community support,” he said. “Partners in Education, the business community, the PTAs – that’s the best part. There are so many people willing to help and pitch in and help in any way they can.”