Posted by Jeani Secord on Aug 23, 2019
Wichita Falls North RC
to support the Scotland Park ES
food initiative for kids without food at home
The picture attached is Joe Clements.  He’s the Risk Management Officer our Adopted School, Scotland Park Elementary.  He came to the club today explaining the need he has for their Food Pantry because they started the school year with more than 100 more kids than normal and in a major need for non-perishable items.  
With this being a very low income area, there are a lot of children that go without food and he always makes sure they get fed.  He even supplies food for the families when in a real need. 

He told us about a 70 year old grandmother that all of a sudden had 3 young grandchildren to care for.  She lives off of Social Security and the assistance program she qualifies for won’t kick in for at least 30 days.  With school starting up, this is an expense, she needed help with food.  Our club will be donating items next week.