President Clint presenting the donation to Steve Holloway.
At our June 10th meeting Steve Holloway representing the Base Camp Lindsey was our guest speaker. The program is striving to provide housing for homeless veterans. Steve informed us about the program. Rotary North made a $500.00 donation to the program.

Base Camp Lindsey

There are many Veteran service organizations in our community doing great work and these programs and activities have helped numerous local Veterans.  However, many Veterans are still in need of assistance and every day there is someone whose need falls through the cracks of the available programs.
  • 4000 here in Texas, 70 right here in our community every night
  • 9% of all homeless Veterans are women, half of whom are responsible for the care of minor children.  This is the fastest growing population of homeless Veterans.
There are many reasons; 50% of all homeless Veterans have either mental or physical disabilities, homeless Veterans are unable to find or keep employment due to a variety of factors, they lack a strong support system and are unable to secure affordable housing, 
One thing we can all agree is that no Veteran should have to sleep on the streets of the very country they swore to protect and defend!
Base Camp Lindsey is designed to help Veterans regain their life.

Base Camp Lindsey, North Texas Veterans Relief Fund has a Three Phase approach to helping our veterans in need.

Phase I includes a facility here in Wichita Falls that provides quarters of homeless or at-risk veterans, access to medical, mental or dental care, job search assistance and skills training, chapel and computer lab to name a few.

Phases two and three includes their Tiny Home Community project and their Assisted Care Facility. For a more detailed description of Base Camp Lindsey, visit their website at Base Camp Lindsey North Texas.