Congratulations Destiny!

The Ross & Colleen Roberts Scholarship was presented October 14th at the Midwestern State University Campus. The scholarship was presented to Destiney Mitchum at the Fain Fine Arts Bldg. on the campus.
Ross Roberts was a charter member of the Wichita Falls North Rotary Club. He and his wife Colleen were both believers in the value of education. Ross was a civilian instructor at Sheppard Air Force Base. The $2000 scholarship established is funded 50/50 by the Ross family and the Wichita Falls North Rotary Club. The selection criteria was established by the MSU.
Fine Arts Department. Awardees are selected from one of the following departments on an annual basis: Drama Department, Art Department, Mass Communication Department and Music Department. This years selection, Kristen Longo is an Arts Department student. WFNRC has had a variety of majors receiving the award over the years including drama, vocational and instrumental arts.