On October 28th, member of the Wichita Falls North Rotary Club  served those who are serving us as members of the Air Force Squadron 364 at the Sheppard Air Force Base in Wichita Falls, Texas.
One of our favorite community service projects is our adopted squadron project. Throughout the year we do a number of different projects in conjunction with the squadron. One that we do a couple of times each year is is affectionately called the "Hot Dog Cook" in which we cook-up a meal of hot dogs and all the fixin's for members of the squadron.
Airmen trainees and base support personal are invited to join us for some brief R&R and a good old fashioned Texas Halloween Picnic.
Members cook-up the grub.
Members serve up the grub.
And, with any kind of luck, there are enough left overs for members to eat the grub.
The Wichita Falls North Rotary Club is one of over 46,000 Rotary clubs worldwide. Our club meets 7 AM weekly at Jimmy's Egg Restaurant, 3801 Midwestern Parkway in Wichita Falls, TX. Guests are always welcome to join us for our meetings, events and community service projects.