Posted by Tom Sheriff on Jul 08, 2019
Facilities Director JD Smith presented
the ways WSC serves the disabled community in Wichita Falls
at July 5th Wichita Falls North Rotary Club Meeting
Mr Smith provided a very enlightening presentation. WSC has numerous contracts with corporations and government. In particular they can boast of their contract with Sheppard and Dyess AFB in working their award winning service in the Dining Facilities. 
J.C. Smith, Director of Facilities, Maintenance and Security for  Work Services Corporation was the guest speaker.   
The WSC is a multifaceted corporation to assist the disabled community, his part is the Facilities, Maintenance and Security for WSC. The people, for the first time a disabled person will be in charge of their fund-raising golf tournament. The also deal with Volunteer Income Tax assistance, their HIPPY Program (Home Instruction for Preschool Youth). The have numerous contracts with corporations and government in particular their contract with Sheppard and Dyess AFB in working in the Dining Facilities and have numerous awards and recognition for service to their clients. 
Bottom line this is an important entity in our community that engages the disabled and provide opportunities for them to be part of our economy.