Wichita Falls North Rotary club is one of several participating clubs for this project and is encouraging District 5790 clubs to join us. For more information regarding how your club can participate contact PDG Troy Secord.
The following message was received from Stuart Palmer for the Rotary Committee to improve the shantytown schools of Makhanda/Grahamstown, South Africa Rotary Club of Jackson Hole.
Dear Rotarians Friends who have pledged to this challenge,
We want to update you on our Global Grant projects in the shantytown of Makhanda/Grahamstown, East Cape, South Africa.    So far, we have gathered enough funds for the $33,000 Emergency project to enable a regular flow of water at the ten schools chosen for improvement.   
We continue to fundraise and draft the application for a Rotary Global Grant with a projected $400,000 benefit to the shantytown schools of Makhanda/Grahamstown, East Cape of South Africa.  With the large project, an application is very detailed and requires a Community and School Needs Assessment for each individual school, not just for the community. 
Julia continues to ascend the summit of the Grand Teton every week.  We're grateful the weather has been terrific for her jaunt to the top.   Thank you for your pledges toward the Challenge of  "7 Peaks in 7 Weeks."
We did have an updated Zoom for our Co-Sponsors, held last week.   Here is a link to the recording.
In the meantime, know that we appreciate your continued encouragement and support.  We still have a ways to go - in case you know of others interested in supporting this project (Rotarian or non-Rotarian) during this new Rotary year.  
Thanks again,